Culture War at Texas Capitol: What Do You Stand For?

TEXAS, AUSTIN – The past few weeks have been action packed at the states capitol. There has been pro-life groups singing amazing grace and praying for the Texas legislators as well as pro-abortion groups chanting “hail satan” in response to the singing and everything in between.  Follow the link below for the video.  For those who haven’t been paying attention, the quick version of the story is that Wendy Davis (D) filibustered the senate bill banning abortion after 20 weeks, Rick Perry called a special session for the bill to be revisited, the MSM made Davis look like a hero while simultaneously villainizing Perry.

BOm4TENCYAAwUfu.jpg_largeI don’t want to waste my time trying to understand how someone can be so okay with an evil such as abortion, but one thing I have noticed is the variety of tweets regarding the senate bill.  We live in a nation where we are, by the power of the first amendment, given the unalienable right of freedom of speech. Unfortunately for most people, this freedom exposes their ignorance. Many of the tweets that were intended to be regarding the bill had nothing to do with the bill.  Men and women both claiming it’s illegal to ban abortion (this bill doesn’t ban abortion entirely) and that this is about men controlling women’s bodies (this bill was proposed by Jodie Laubenberg, a female). Here’s just one example: “Outlawing abortion doesn’t reduce the number of abortions. “It reduces the number of women who SURVIVE abortions.” #SB1″ // Once again, abortion is not getting outlawed, the proposal is a ban at 20 weeks.

Ignorance is one thing, but there was another even more delicious fact that I noticed among those talking about the bill. Nine out of every ten tweets (yes, I counted) that included negative feelings towards the bill were by people who are not even from the state of Texas. Perhaps those of you from Ohio, Michigan, and California should worry about your own state which has been among the top 5 states in job losses over the past 13 years. Mixed in with all these angry tweeters, I noticed at least 10 people who were self-proclaimed “community organizers,” which of course is an attempt to cover up what their real profession is, trolls. Community organizers only have one goal, get everyone angry at the morally correct stance.

BOpZ59-CcAAAFsi.jpg_largeAnother large handful of the tweets show a complete denial of responsibility as a whole. Here’s one of my favorites: “You’ll have to excuse me because I’m pregnant…I got this way because of the clinics #SB1 will close… #SWTW #SB1″ // No ma’am, you got that way because you are irresponsible. Period.

I am not  surprised that the pro-abortionists have rallies and protests in the middle of the day and staying out all night on a Monday night to scream at a bunch of legislators, for most of them probably don’t have jobs to miss during the day.  I am not surprised they have this preconceived notion that this bill will outlaw abortion, because that’s what the MSM and community organizers have been telling them for years.  I am not surprised by the lack of intelligence by any of the pro-abortionists at these rallies because many of them neglect to read the actual text of the bill (despite how short and sweet it is) and just assume what they read on twitter explains everything.


I am ashamed and embarrassed that we live in a country that has reached the point where we are forced to compromise and legislate how long we can legally get away with murder.

There is so much more rhetoric behind this debate. If someone claims you hate women or you have declared “war on women” because you support life, do not shy away. Remind them how they opposed a bill that forced clinics to be sanitary and have professionals performing abortion procedures. If you support life, the facts (aka the TRUTH) is on your side. Use it.

When the debate in Texas is over. Don’t sit down. If you support life then “Stand4Life.” When people stand together and are consistent with their message, far more can be accomplished than by any temporary hype by pro-abortionists over a couple of weeks.


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