The (Real) Pro-Choice Agenda

While browsing Twitter today I came across a trend that further reinforced the hypocrisy of the liberal pro-choice Americans.  The hash tag to look for is #BroChoice and it has made quite a splash.  At first thought “Bro-choice” sounded like it meant that men should have a say in whether or not to abort the child that is legally and biologically theirs.  Unfortunately, “bro-choice” is the notion that men should have a say if and only if they agree with the pro-choice agenda.

Pro-choice men can be a powerful force in helping move our policy agenda forward, which is exactly why Choice USA will lead the way in recruiting and elevating their voices within this movement. By building a network of outspoken, actively-engaged men, we are building the power necessary to move policy and win on our issues.

Direct quote from

Were there not enough outspoken, actively-engaged men already or did those men not count because they were speaking against abortion?  The pro-choice liberals have a word for men that disagree with them: misogynist.  So remember men, next time you decided to have an opinion, you better agree with the liberals or you obviously hate women.

This was an add put out by the Pro-Choice Education Project:

pro-life men

Isn’t it interesting? This propaganda shows that pro-choice Americans could not care less what what men think on the issue.  However, an ideology like liberalism allows you to be a hypocrite as long as you believe what all the other hypocrites believe so we shouldn’t be surprised to see #BroChoice popping up on the internet.

However, there is more to the pro-choice agenda than killing the unborn.  According to NARAL Pro-Choice America, they are also advocates of government funded birth control for all women, throwing out the notion of abstinence and teaching about birth control in schools, and government support for women who choose to keep their child.  There is merit in supporting women who choose to keep their child, but that “merit” should not be the tax dollars of the American people.

If you believe abortion is wrong, why should your tax dollars pay for it?  According to One News Now, abortion providers got over $542 million in 2012.  Why can’t that money go towards supporting our troops that reside both overseas and at home.  I would rather have my tax dollars going to wounded soldiers that may need the support rather than those who are using that money to erase a product of their irresponsibility and continue their selfish lifestyle.

When we tolerate abortion this is where we end up:

How many more “Kermit Gosnells” does America need before action is taken?

I’m sure a compromise exists somewhere underneath all the rhetoric, but unfortunately I don’t see that day making it’s debut in America anytime soon.  The battle that is being fought is one of Rights vs. Life.  Would you sacrifice your life to allow someone else the right to choose abortion? Or would you sacrifice your right to choose abortion to allow another to keep their life?

Just to be clear, those who are pro-life don’t hate choice.  They are simply standing up for the child who is having theirs disregarded.



4 responses to “The (Real) Pro-Choice Agenda

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  2. Men of quality respect women’s equality. They don’t control women’s bodies, they don’t impose their views on women. Respecting women’s choices and respecting her body is sexy. Women do not want men controlling their lives anymore and are quite tired with antichoice misogyny and control.

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